How to Join the GHome community

In order to receive your building help package you need to become a member.

  • The Founding members

    are honorary volunteer positions and have the responsibility to set up and test the required systems.

  • Regular membership

    is for those who wish to receive help in building a and are prepared to feedback their experience. You will receive a licence.

  • Patrons

    those who support

  • Educational establishments

    Those who wish to add their expertise to support research into housing.

  • Companies

    Those interested in bringing their real world experience and industrial clout to the GHome development and who wish to be recipients of the valuable data and research for use in their own business. Some companies may develop their “own” product and structure. Producing homes like cars. They shall also be subject to sharing their experience.

We are all in this together. Aim is to keep it in the open source realm. Preferably the homes should be rented and the builder should be responsible for the recycling of their product.

All members are expected to both give and receive. Those wishing to build a receive help through a private members only web site and online help. We expect transparency and truthfulness from all members and that members shall respect the property of others, both real and assumed. We ask you to please not try to game the system.

We will assist each other to design and build with the help of software programs, drawings, walk through videos, bill of materials, calculations, costs and specifications. As you construct your own home you are likely to develop unique solutions and products that others can use in their quest for the more perfect home.

These products maybe hardware, software, virtual reality interiors, design aids, etc.

The can thereby become an extended market for members products and services that you make available.

All experience gathered by members will be stored in an online data bank accessible for members to both contribute and receive.

Dossier of built GHome

Notes to prospective GHome Owner/Builders

GHome is not complicated, it’s a simple flexible safe house suitable for creative people. Its ok for 1 or 2 persons. More modules would need to be added for more folks.

Its basic premise is a SPACE enclosing element for which I presently propose a 20ft steel cube although this could easily morph into a 3D printed enclosure, a geodesic dome or an existing building as things develop. Attached to this is a prefabricated service POD which uses the benefits of factory assembly and production. This latter step has not been entered into yet although the plans continue to group all the services in a 20ft x 8ft plan space. One of the next steps is to  arrange manufacturing of these pods.  You may wish to work on this aspect.

The virtual reality aspects are also in the future.

So by building a Ghome you are assisting in its evolution but cannot yet get the full benefits, it is very much up to you to improve upon the design, building on the experience of those who have gone before. Its important that you agree and support this open source approach by openly passing your knowledge onto others. Anyone can us the Ghome framework to develop aspects of the design in their own way.  You are designers of the Ghome.   The GHome web site shall contain a dossier of design solutions and experience and as a co-designer you can make yourself available to aid others.

My role is to support you and I shall assist you in your design by answering questions, providing designs and plans to fit your unique needs.  Your role is to play and improve on the design with your own skills.

It’s a cooperative design.

Be Aware

Please be aware that the information that we disseminate is a mash up from multiple sources of various plans, actualities and designs and is not always correct as designs get modified in action. We are not responsible. It is yourself the user who should consider all information as a guide not always as fact.