In architecture form is a noun ; in industry form is a verb. We are looking at a very different approach to manufacturing where manufacturing has to be considered part of the earths ecosystem and to take responsibility for its health. Sharing and doing more with less is part of this scenario. It is no longer marketing and sales to consumers that makes the economy work, its providing tools to best fit the needs of the humanity and the individual to be both part of nature in both giving and receiving. We are stewards of our planet and beyond. This transformation has already begun and will be increasingly driven more efficiently by knowledge, problems and I hope ethics with humans again becoming of awe and benefit to nature. Shelter will be grown from seed and DNA as we become natural designers.


Groups of Ghome.studios will make excellent seeds for new villages, with artists studios and performance spaces creating a positive environment for other settlement facilities to grow.

“To be gentle and considerate design should always be doing more with less of the earths resources. The Balinese instruction is Tri Hita Kirana — The question to be asked in any project is it in harmony with people, nature and with God.”

Having worked and imbibed many years of Buckminster Fullers deep wisdom I design in a reasonably intuitive and comprehensive manner and try to use my skills to contribute to the success of all humanity. I accept and trust the universe and my relation to the whole and I realise that although this is not on par with Bucky’s brilliant work it will be a good contribution to housing design.

Buckminster Fuller shared this statement, “I did not set out to design a house that hung from a pole, or manufacture a new kind of automobile, or invent a new system of map projection, or develop the Geodesic Dome, or Synergetic Geometry. I started out with universe as an organization of energy events/patterns of which our experiences and possible experiences are only local instances, I could have ended up with a pair of flying slippers.” (recalled from memory and paraphrasing)

“A room should not be fixed, should not create a static mood, but should lend itself to change so that its occupants may play upon it as they would a piano.”1929, RBF

“A home like a person, must be completely as possible be independent and self- supporting. Have its own character, dignity and beauty or harmony.”1928, RBF

“Home a service product like a telephone.”RBF