Here is the Lowdown

You do not have to start from zero as we have the experience from the first prototypes. The design is simple, proven and worth following.



is a living, working, sleeping, studio space— a steel skeleton cube 6m x 6m x 6m strong, recyclable, earthquake resistant, flexible, easy to manufacture, recycle and assemble accurately giving you a living area of 36sq m or 72sqm if two storey. All parts shall be less than 6 meters long to fit in a 20ft container.

Steel has been chosen for the prototypes as it is very suitable for prefabricated global manufacture, site assembly and recycling and meshes well with the service box to be a fundamental part of the structure. The steel frame could also be the framework for supporting a 3D printer if this is used for constructing the walls.


The other component is a pre-built service box that contains the energy systems, self-sufficient services (based on a fuel cell), bathroom, storage, staircase if required, and kitchen and can also be the global transportation box. This could be a standard 20ft container, a RV “toy hauler” type box, or custom built box. This box adds 14 sqm to the floor area.

Although these simple parameters could be restrictive, we suggest you keep within these guidelines to enable globalization and better comparison between different solutions. can be combined into duplexes, terraces, and can be stacked and could even be placed within a larger structural scaffolding.

The GHome comes in different packages.

  • The basic structure with roof and floors. The owner builds the walls.
  • The service box, likely to be manufactured in a central plant, includes all utilities, energy and plumbing systems, kitchen and bathing spaces. The purchaser builds the 20ft cube as they wish.
  • The total package with crockery, furnishings, etc. Maybe an IKEA package.